Vinyl Album SOLD OUT

We’re honestly a bit surprised (yet a bit proud as well) to share that the vinyl version of our album is sold out. There might be some vinyl shops that still could have it, like The Vinyl Corner in Kortrijk (Belgium) where we have the honor to be to the right of Jimi Hendrix (whatever that would mean).

The album is of course still available for download and streaming on all platforms worldwide.

Have a great day!


Vinyl album is coming!

While the album is on streaming platforms and on download platforms worldwide, there was also the campaign for vinyl. I’m now very pleased to announce that the campaign has succeeded today. 100 pre-orders have been registered, meaning that the campaign is now closed and all who pre-ordered a copy, can now start the countdown of approximately 8 weeks for the delivery of their vinyl copy of Hello Magnificent Future.

Thank you so much to all who backed this campaign. Means a lot to me.

Thank you for all your love!

5 days ago we launched our album. Thank you so much for the large amount of reactions. I’ve honestly been surprised with the very positive reactions. Thank you for your mails and social messages. Some of them very poetic, others very open and direct.

It means a lot. Thank you for your love!

Mastering for vinyl is finished

Great moment as the mastering in Boston is finished. This mastering was specific for the vinyl release of the album. Since vinyl (analog) and digital have very different technical specifications, both ways of releasing demand a different mastering approach.

With this, another milestone in the production of this album has been reached.

Pre-Order your vinyl copy now !

I’m very excited to announce that you can start to pre-order your vinyl copy now!

Click here:

It works as crowd-funding. This means that your creditcard will only be charged, the moment we reach the threshold of 100 copies. If we do reach the threshold, the vinyl company assures a turnaround of 8 weeks.

The vinyl price is 15 Euro + shipping. Included in this price is:

  • a vinyl copy of the album
  • a digital file of all songs as well
  • and one additional song (not on the vinyl edition) called Nick Of Time.

Thank you very much for your support!

Recording and Mixing for Vinyl

I’m very pleased to say that the album could be released in vinyl as well. But to make all that possible, I had to get back into mixing.  The thing is, a vinyl record has only 19 minutes and 30 seconds available on each side. This means that the vinyl record will have one song less than the online version of the album and one song needed to be remixed to make it shorter.

That’s why I decided to take out the song Plastic People and make it at least 60 seconds shorter. But this doesn’t mean just a rough cut. It means the song gets new dynamics and these need to be addressed.

So the past couple of weeks I was back in the studio, recording new guitars and other instruments for this song. And today I just finished the mix of this version of the song.

Next week we’ll have this song in Boston, together with all the other mixes, to master again.

Walk With Me To The Grand Show

Very excited to launch the new single on this beautiful Tuesday: here’s

“Walk With Me To The Grand Show”

Walk With Me To The Grand Show is NOW AVAILABLE for Download and/or Streaming on all platforms worldwide, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Groove, Napster, Simfy Africa, Gracenote, KKBox and many more.

You can find the lyrics for this song here:

This is the first single from the upcoming debut album called Hello Magnificent Future. The album will be released 11th of August.

New Single Radio Debut in New York City next week

I’m excited about the fact that the new single Walk With Me To The Grand Show (to be released next Tuesday) will debut on radio in New York City next week.

RFBrooklyn host and co-founder Robert Prichard will launch the song on its first airwaves next Wednesday. The song, which he calls ‘a cool track that I like’, will be on air for the first time in his show Bushwick Garage.

I’m proud and honoured. And I’m really looking forward to hear some feedback on the track from listeners in NYC starting next week.


What a beautiful Tuesday to launch the first single !
Here is Time Is On My Ship.

Time Is On My Ship is NOW AVAILABLE for Download and/or Streaming on all platforms worldwide through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Play, Groove, Napster, Simfy Africa, Gracenote, KKBox and many more..

You can find the lyrics for this song here:

This is the first single from the upcoming debut album called Hello Magnificent Future. The album will be released in August.


First Single

Ladies & Gentlemen, the first single of the upcoming album is Time Is On My Ship. We’re happy to reveal the cover to the single today.
Keep in tune with our site and media on the exact launching date of the single (expected May 2017).

Preparing First Single

Busy days as I’m preparing the release of the first single. The art work is still not finished as I’m struggling to find the right angle. But I’m confident I’ll get there on time.

Next to that, the idea for the video is set and done. I’m collecting and preparing the right gear for it and hope it will work out on time.

Keep in touch with this site for updates on that.

Mastering is done.

Thank you Dave for the great mastering! And for the very nice compliments you gave on the album.

Quite a moment, when all that work ends up in a final master. It means it’s done. But then again, it’s not done at all, since there’s still lot’s to do from paperwork to making videos and preparing the launch of the album.

Music for a good morning

Delo, one of the most important newspapers in Slovenia, has been listening to Nick Of Time, the (only) instrumental song from the upcoming album. Nick of Time is my interpretation of how the beautiful city of Ljubljana sounds like in the wee hours of an awaking Tuesday.

Delo listened to it at 5:00AM in the morning to entitle it as “Music for a Good Morning”. Thank you Delo.


In the mastering studio with Dave. The mastering of the album has begun. The final audio step in the production of an album. After returning from Boston, the next focus will be the finishing of the album artwork. And a lot of paperwork and videoclip production. Producing an album is a really long process of very different things that need to be taken care of.
For now, I can’t wait for the songs to be mastered. I hope they will shine.

Ready for Mastering

Last week was the last in the studio for this album. Today, I’m finishing the mixing with some last adjustments (and recordings even) for the song The Future That Was. By Tuesday tomorrow, the recording and mixing of the album will be completely finished.

This means I’m preparing the songs for their trip to the mastering studio in Boston.

In the finishing straight of mixing

I’ve taken a break for 4 weeks from listening to the songs. Today marks the commencement of the finishing straight in regards to the mix. After critical listening to the whole album in one take, I’m now back in the studio for the finishing touches on the mixes. I’ve got seven days of studio-time to do this. Lot’s of work, but very rewarding to do. After that, I’ll have to give it out of hands and hand it over to the mastering studio in Boston.


Album Cover Designing

Lot’s of things are happening simultaneously at this stage of the album production. One of which is the design of the album cover. Things are progressing well and, to be honest, I can’t wait to reveal the result. But that will only be in 9 days. Hang in there, if you please.

Album outline

As I’m in the studio to work on the final mixes, the outline of the album has become clear.  Hello Magnificent Future will consist of these 10 songs:

  1. Time Is On My Ship
  2. East Walk
  3. The Future That Was
  4. Sarajevo
  5. Zero Hour
  6. Walk With Me To The Grand Show
  7. Plastic People
  8. Life After You Left Me With Silence
  9. September Sun
  10. Nick Of Time.

In total 45 minutes.

Finishing the mixes

It’s an amazing feeling to start the final mixing proces. It marks the end of a long and winding road that started in May 2015; prehistoric times.

During the recordings, I’ve been constantly working on temporary mixes and that will pay off. I do not have the feeling the final mixing will take long.

Once finished, the files will then be transmitted to the studio in Boston to master.

And then, all of a sudden, the recordings of the album are finished. Or not just yet.

Today is a special day to me. I’ve just been able to finish the recordings of Life After You Left Me With Silence. This song makes the album complete. And while I was still involved in editing some small things to some other songs, suddenly you feel that this is it. All songs are what they should be and sound the way they should sound.

That marks a milestone. I started this idea back in May 2015. That’s like prehistoric if you think about it.  But now, the recordings are finished; or not…

Well in fact, they’re not. What’s finished is the fact that I don’t have to play any instrument myself anymore or sing vocals. But there’s this one last thing that needs to be done: I’m now planning the recording sessions to record acoustic strings. In fact they will all be played on cello. 2 maybe 3 songs are involved. These recordings are planned for February. Once these recordings are done, I’ll have to insert them into the mixes. Only then, the recordings will be completely finished.

Plastic People

As mentioned in the previous message, I decided to add a completely new song to the album. It’s called Plastic People and it’s been a marvellous trip and an honour to work on the song. It’s almost 8 minutes long and will just fit in the album perfectly. This song is like a long trip. It’s based on a Fender Rhodes theme I wrote and above that theme I’ve created a one-take-recording of an analogue monophonic keyboard. I needed to practise a lot to get it right, because for this analogue keyboard there’s no digital editing possible.

Next to some minimal vocals, I’ve added some small samples from a psychology documentary from 1944. This song is all about the feeling of strong disappointment when people turn out to have been misleading to you. Meaning that you can’t help but being sad and angry about the feeling you’ve wasted a lot of your time to people that didn’t deserve your time. People that turned out not to be real. Fake, like Plastic People.

Now that this song is ready, I couldn’t help but thinking the album still needs one extra song. So I decided to write another completely new song. It came out while creating Plastic People. This additional new song is called Life After You Left Me With Silence. This song is a bit the opposite of Plastic People. It’s going to be short and basic. I hope to finish this song by the end of January.

Kill your darlings

Never easy. But then, one day, it’s a piece of cake to make the decision. 3 songs have been deleted from the album. They did not survive the last wave of fine-tuning the songs in all their details.
Maybe I should elaborate a bit on that. The way I work consists of 3 steps: the first is to create a song, a very creative phase where a lot is happening, from writing lyrics, to creating bass lines, guitar riffs, keyboard lines, vocals etc. The end result being demo-tapes of the songs. Then I leave the songs to rest and age. In step 2, I go back to the songs with a clear mind and evaluate everything. This usually ends up with deleting some bass lines, guitars, vocals or whatever’s not working in the song. It involves creativity again, since new instruments, lyrics and vocals are being added to the song. At the end of step 2, the songs are grown up demo tapes. In the final third step, I go back one last time. This time it’s all about technique. I play most of the parts again, but now, with the right microphone, the right gear, and no mistakes (with the exception of beautiful mistakes) are allowed anymore into the recording. At the end of step 3, the songs are mature and should not sound as demo tapes anymore. Instead, they should sound like a proper song needs to sound.

In the whole process leading up to this, some songs don’t survive one of these steps. It just happens that many ideas don’t get to the finish line of step 1. Others don’t pass the threshold of step 2. And what happened today, is that 3 songs didn’t survive the end of step 3. They were very much elaborated, but the end result is disappointing in relation to the other songs. It doesn’t mean I consider them to be a failure. They are good songs as they survived the funnel right up to the end of step 3. But they were just not good enough. I think it’s like ending 4th in an olympic game. You are very good, no doubt about that, but in the end, you didn’t get a metal.

So 3 songs are being killed today. 3 darlings. This means that 8 songs are completely finished and I’m working on the very last one. It’s one of my complete new songs, that I’ve decided to add to the album.

8 songs completely finished

After getting back in the studio early September, I’m pleased to share that 8 songs are actually completely finished:

  • Nick Of Time
  • Time Is On My Ship
  • East Walk
  • The Future That Was
  • Sarajevo
  • Zero Hour
  • September Sun
  • Walk With Me To Our Grand Show.

At least 2 songs to go and one of the brand new songs that have been created in the last couple of months, is making me doubt whether or not to finish it as well and giving it a spot on this upcoming album or to hold it back for the second album.

Although I love to be in the middle of this, I still do hope I’ll be able to finish the studio work within the next 3 months.

Back in the studio after a 7 month break

2015 was quite an emotional year for me. I started creating songs in May and finished the creation process in December. Early January 2016 I selected the songs that I want to be part of the debut album entitled Hello Magnificent Future. Then I took a break from it all for 7 months. This enabled me to create a distance between myself and the baby-songs. It allows the songs to mature in my head. And now I’m returning to the studio. Each song needs to develop to become a grown-up song.

As I’m now back in the studio for a couple of weeks, 3 songs have been completely finished. And boy did they evolve. It means in the first place that again, a new creative impuls is needed to deal with weak parts of the original ideas. This involves writing of new or additional lyrics, new vocals, new instrumental pieces etc. After I’m sure the song has got what it takes for it to be mature, the process starts of making sure it’s  technically in the very best shape possible. This means by definition that all vocals need to be re-recorded as well as many of the bass lines, drums, keyboards and guitars. Each of these recordings ask for a different technical approach, both on the instrument as well as on the recording gear.

As 2 of the 3 songs that are finished have the potential of becoming a single, I’ve already started with the process of making a video for both of them. Another very creative, beautiful and exhausting challenge. I’m not yet shooting the real footage. What I’m doing at this moment is making some small footage to get a feel of the video ideas I got and to assess whether they would fit the song or not.

I’m really excited how things are going, yet it’s confronting (again) how much time it all takes. In the past I’ve released 2 albums, signed to SONY/BMG with my former band. And I remember now the long and winding road it takes to make, record and release an album. The making of this album is going great and I love being in the middle of it. Still somehow I’m also looking forward to release the album. It’s probably the typical urge of sharing your flight of fancy. After all, an artist aches for feedback.

Loaded Conversations

Loaded Conversations is about living in gun-lovin’ America. A temporary East Coaster moves her family back to her native Ohio and finds the new neighbors armed to the teeth.  Why?  And what does it mean to live this way? Writer and mother Rebecca Flowers, who’s never owned a gun in her life (and probably shouldn’t), talks with people on all sides of the issue while sharing her own frank perspective.

I met Rebecca last year and somewhere in one of our conversations It’s Tuesday In Ljubljana came up. Many months later Rebecca called me to ask if I was open to the idea of having some song parts in a podcast series she was making. So I’m proud to share that Rebecca even chose to open her Episode 1 with my song Zero Hour, which is going to be part of the upcoming album Hello Magnificent Future.

“Five Minutes On A Hill” recordings finished

This latest song Five Minutes On A Hill came out really fast. Some songs do. This one went really fast. It’s always a pleasure when that happens. There’s a good mix between guitars and keyboards in this song. A song of which I think just might become a single for the upcoming album. It has this power to it, that just might sound right on different radio stations.

The song tells the story of two people getting together again on a Tuesday late night. One of them flew in from Beirut and they’re happy to exchange some stories again, exchanging vinyls and drinking a glass of red wine. The song is all about the good vibes of very good friends living in different parts of the world, but when they come together, it’s just like they’ve never been apart. The song tells the story of this wonderful deep connection.

Recording of “Sarajevo” is finished

I’m glad to announce that the recording of the new song “Sarajevo” has just been finished. Sarajevo is a strong city of many balances; proud of its future in good conscience of its past. I do feel this song reflects this.

I recorded first the bass. Then got to guitars and all the other intstruments. For the guitars I used only Gretsch. I ended the song with a piece of an old Yugoslavia traditional, which was played live in a restaurant in Sarajevo when I was there in September 2015.


Recording of “East Walk” is finished

The new song East Walk is finished. The song is about a man who knows he has to walk to think. He has to walk to be able to cut loose. One unusual day he decides it’s time to start his walk to the East, to the sunrise. He’s dealing with the painful reality of feeling like being uncomitted and a failure to the present. All because of having touched true love. Therefore he wants to go on a walk to the East, to the sunrise, to sort it all out, to grasp time and the future, to purify life and the soul. So he needs calm and steady perseverance and hope the future will bring what he deserves. A future with true love.

This song is played on Gretsch but has mostly a kind of Eastern feeling to it, by the use of samples of typical Eastern instruments. As the song is about walking (from the West) to the East, it bares a mixture of West and East in its soul.

“East Walk” – new song in the making

I’m excited to share that song nr. 7 is developing. It’s called “East Walk”. The song has already a particular feel to it. It think it really will add something to the upcoming album “Hello Magnificent Future”. It will probably have minimalistic vocals telling the story of a most unusual day. A day this man realizes his magnificent future is probably somewhere else. So he needs to start walking. To the East. To the sunrise.

Stay tuned. Once the song is ready, we’ll post a teaser again.

Recording of “Take My Time And Make It Yours” is finished

The new song Take My Time And Make It Yours is finished. I feel like this song will complement well with the rest of the upcoming album Hello Magnificent Future. The song is about the magnificent feeling of connecting with somebody that support your dreams, your longing for magic.

This song is an all guitars song. Played on Gretsch except for one piece played on the Telecaster.

Recording of “Take My Time And Make It Yours” has begun

I’m excited to share that song nr. 6 is developing. It’s called “Take My Time And Make It Yours”. The basic idea for this song has came out as a guitar song. So i’m focussing on guitars right now, with mostly the Gretsch and the Telecaster trying to deliver what this idea is asking for. I’ve got this idea now that this might become a short song. But that of course might change as the creative process goes on.

New song “Zero Hour” is finished.

I’m glad to announce that the new song Zero Hour is finished. It might just be that this song could become the closing song of the upcoming album Hello Magnificent Future. The song tells the story of Ljubljana going to sleep at the end of yet another exciting Tuesday.

Creating this song started of by playing the bass that takes the song to its own distinct pace. Some troubled guitars on top it make it feel like like a midnight, when your mind asking you all the questions you don’t dare answering anymore.

Recording of new song “Zero Hour” just started

The recordings of Zero Hour just started. The atmosphere of this song makes me feel like Zero Hour might be the one that closes the upcoming album. The song tells the story of Ljubljana going to sleep at the end of yet another exciting Tuesday. Creating this song started of by playing the bass that takes the song to its own distinct pace. I’m excited to find out where the rest of this song will take me.

“September Sun” progress

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ITIL in the studio

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Writing and Recording of September Sun are in full progress. The song shows already its potential, but it remains a bit of a mystery where it will take me.

Some songs come out in slow motion and this appears to be one of them. It’s quite a challenge for me at this moment to discover what the song wants to be. That’s frustrating. But at the same time it’s empowering, knowing that at some point it will all come together. Until that happens, this means suffering.

But as the song is already kind of sounding real promising, I’m confident all pieces will fit at a certain point. I’ll keep you posted of course.